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Anon - Popes Brewery gig
"Last gig they gave out bananas! Bananas!! Ha! Amazing. I didn't have one, they were too ripe."

A friend of Rachel Hornabrook, Popes Brewery gig "Why did you bring us here?"

Tom Murray
"Mick? Yeah, mate, I cut your tree down for you. You playing tonight? You are? Oh, right, no sorry I can't stick around"

Anon - Marrs Bar Supporting China Shop Bull
"I preferred the band on before them."

Phil Reaper - Marrs Bar, Worcester - 26th December 2014
"This is incredible. Not necessarily in a good way, but this is incredible. Is this actually happening?"

Juliet - Marrs Bar, Worcester - 26th December 2014
"I think they've got better. Last time they didn't have mince pies."

Rod - Marrs Bar, Worcester - 26th December 2014
"Walk backwards like a robot is stuck in our heads, thanks for that."

Gordon from BeerBods
"Having seen you a few times I'd describe you as Pulp meet Rage Against the Machine via The Muppets."

Anthony Robbins - Opinion about the 2014 Video Advent Calendar - 5/12/14

"Honestly? It’s better than previous years."

Anthony Robbins - Drummonds - 30/11/12

"So tonight's opinion of your gig... I'm in shock you were actually quite good, even 'the death of the' robot song working in a strange way"

Anthony Robbins - Crown Inn, St Johns - 04/10/2012

"I would have preferred to have my ear wax washed out with horse piss."

Ryan Clarke - Velvet Lounge - 6th April 12

The battle was brutal with losses of blood, strings, voice, and composure. Not even the desperate throw of the robot song could pull this back. John tried to get the crowd dancing, but it was only the unwavering loyalty of Kel that obliged.

Queue the cry “look, it’s strictly come robot!”

However thanks to said sound man, and quick witted stage banter CLAR managed to maintain their consistency of being 2nd best band on the bill.
A generous 3/5

With a little more effort put in to the music, and a little less on wardrobe and wise cracks, and that score of 3 could quite easily turn in to a 2.
God bless you Calm Like A Riot.

Das Bananas

Calm like a riot and das sexy clap ...... Superb

Baz Blackett SLAP Mag - 03/02/12 Marrs Bar

Unfortunately, the sound that was so crystal-cut
during The Cape of Good Hope’s tenure on stage
becomes somewhat disjointed too. This sadly means
that CLaR’s hip-hop-based-rock sound, with it’s scratch
guitars and wandering basslines, at times sounds
unanchored and lost in translation especially when
compared to their tight and punchy studio output. This
certainly didn’t stop the Calm Like a Riot boys though,
who put in an excellent performance that was both
emphatic, exuberant and particularly engaged some
exceptionally inebriated front-row crowd members
(who shall remain nameless).

Barry Fahy @captaincapo4

#NowPlaying @Calmlikeariot - Robot. I wasn't sure at first, but then the Ska type guitar and vocals kicked in! AMAZING!

Marrs Bar - 24th Sept 11

errrr - I give you... errr... 3.5 / 5. What? No half marks allowed... OK, 3/5 then. Helen King

Bridge Bash - July 11

saw you at bridge bash, what a load of shit that was, you were highlight! loved every minute of it, ... (matt232323)

Flo Rowland, BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester (listening to the Robot song...)

It's great, I love this!

...followed shortly afterwards by...

We're actually doing the dance in the studio. I feel so stupid.

The Shed, Leicester, July 2011:

One quarter of Calm Like A Riot came most of the way back home last Friday night to showcase their Indie/Funk/Hip-Hop stylings at The Shed, Leicester. With frontman Johnny P’s old stomping grounds only a stone’s throw away, this had the makings of a triumphant homecoming: CLaR did not disappoint.
It’s refreshing to watch a band without pretences. No attempts to sound like their American or Sarf Landan counterparts, no inflated egos, no typical hip-hop bravado, just a bunch of guys having a blast on stage ranting about the things in life that wind them up. If one thing is abundantly clear, it is that this Worcester-based 4 piece really just want to have fun. Mixing funk, ska and indie rock they come out sounding a little Rage Against The Machine would if they stopped being so angry and tried putting a smile on their faces. That certainly isn’t to say CLAR don’t have a message: for every axe Johnny P has to grind with I-Phones (App Attack), or pseudo-celebrity (Resist The Z List) there’s something to temper the aggression like “Drunken Master” or “Robot”, which is about as infectious as Malaria and had the crowd performing Leicester’s first recorded backwards-robot-conga line [citation needed]. If you’re not humming the chorus to set-closer “CLaR” for days afterwards, there’s probably something wrong with you.
There are a whole host of reasons why CLaR ought to be your new favourite band but more than anything they will put a big old grin between your ears.

A guy called Barney from Stevenage:

Oh, and yeah, the [Robot] song is alright

Andy O'Hare BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester. Worcester Music Festival 2010

Amazingly the forecased rains still hadn't materialised and the atmosphere was better than we could have dreamed of - so what better way to celebrate than a sample of utter mayhem from Calm like a Riot at the Worcester Arts Workshop?

Andy O'Hare BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester. Worcester Beer Festival 2010

There was another treat to follow when anarchic hip-hoppers Calm like a Riot exploded onto the Beerfest music stage. For a little while now those of us 'in the loop' know what to expect from one of the best live acts doing the rounds. It was quite a treat to see tankards and jaws thudding onto the floor as break dancing spontaneously erupted while Calm like a Riot wheeled a selection of their classics like Censorship and Pacifist - well it certainly wan't morris dancing!

Andy O'Hare BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester. Firefly supporting Shapes, Fights and Fires. June 2010

Kicking off were dazzling hip-hoppers Calm like a Riot. Johnny P was toying with that critical zone between rock and cardiac arrest!

Andy O'Hare (BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester). Marrs Bar 07.05.10 with The Humdrum Express, Forever For Now, Evilwitch, Dr. Mojito:

I arrived just as Calm Like A Riot's frontman Johnny P was entering the terminal stages of cardiac arrest - i.e. about two songs into their quasi-hip-hop, alternative indie-rapping set of explosive high-energy character assassinations!

Andy O'Hare (BBC Hereford and Worcester Radio) Marrs Bar 29.12.09, supporting Skewwhiff:

The one thing I've got a lot of respect for is bands who put themselves out for their fans. In Hereford, we've got the wonderful Dandelion Killers, who play more gigs in a month than most bands manage in a year. In Worcester, we've got acts like the manic Zebedy Rays,who bust a gut every time they appear on stage. I'd like to add another outfit to this little list - and that's the hip-hopping up-and-comers Calm Like A Riot, who I saw just before the new year at the Marr's Bar in Worcester. They're fronted up by manic vocalist John Walters, who puts his all into every one of their sometime dodgy numbers like Orange Boiler Suit and Religion from the word go. There's obvious concern from his fellow band members, who regularly pause to check on his well-being - whether his pulse has broken the 160-mark, or if he yet requires resuscitation. It's quite heart-warming to see a bunch of lads looking out for each other - or in this case, probably just trying to ensure that they actually get to the end of the set (which usually finishes with their eponymous number).

Andy O'Hare (BBC Hereford and Worcester Radio):

It's fair to say that Calm Like A Riot have a few political axes to grind, but they do it with tongue-firmly-in-cheek and with a dose of good humour to boot.

Surface Unsigned:

The second band of the night was Worcester based four-piece Calm Like A Riot. Throwing together a wide range of sounds and styles, it’s a direction that shouldn’t work but the band brings it all together for something fresh and exciting. Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock, Funk and Indie all mixed into a compelling off-the-wall direction that sits somewhere between Scroobius Pip, GLC and Beastie Boys, yet is very much their own. A sharp sound and a flawless, flowing delivery – the band gave a great performance that ranked amongst one of the best of the night.

Andy O'Hare (BBC Hereford and Worcester Radio):

I was just in time to catch another offering of manic hip-hop, with a saucy edge, from Calm Like A Riot, who are without a doubt the hardest-working act in Worcester by miles. It was another quality set from a bunch of guys who never fail to deliver the goods on the sheer entertainment front.

What's on Worcester:

If you think Rage Against the Machine's anger linked with the social observations of the Jam, we reckon you're about half way there. It's unusual to see a band with so much energy that are so humble but they manage it, somehow.

Andy O'Hare (BBC Hereford and Worcester Radio):

They're an act that I've somehow managed to miss on (at least) three previous occasions, but there was no chance of that tonight as I finally caught the full set of Calm Like A Riot's gobsmacking stage show. While it's fair to say that a large proportion of their numbers are unbroadcastable (either a bit sweary or quite political), there's no doubt that this foursome of lively hip-hoppers, fronted up by the feverish John Walters, have got star quality in bucketloads. You can't help but liken them to Hereford's finest The Anomalies and I'd rate Calm Like A Riot on a par with Murf and the guys. One thing is for sure though - the bush telegraph's been buzzing for days after this gig - and I can't wait to catch them again!

Office cleaner:

They're a bit loud and there is a bit too much of F-this and F-that. And they never clean their dirty mugs.

Steve Goodwin:

The most energy consuming band I have ever heard.

Gary Tolley:

They are all Tossbags - every last one of them and I've had enough of their pathetic ways.