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Past Gigs

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20th September 2015 The Pheasant Worcester Worcester Music Festival
4th September 2015 Popes Brewery Worcester The Broken Oak Duet, Wes Dance, Neil Phillips
12th June 2015 Marrs Bar Worcester Supporting China Shop Bull Event info
30th July 2015 Firefly Worcester Headlining supported by Repo Man
8th August 2015 Lake Fest Lake Fest BBC introducing
23/01/2015 The Firefly Worcester Petrol Girls, A Wearwolf!, Fight Rosa Fight
Event info
26/12/2014 The Marrs Bar, Boozestock Worcester
31/08/2014 The Pig & Drum Worcester Music Festival The Pink Diamond Review, Vault of Eagles
01/08/2014 Popes Brewery Worcester The Hum Drum Express, Wes Dance
07/06/2014 Dubs In the Middle Evesham Ronin, Da Vinci
08/06/2013 Recon Malvern Ronin, Artstar
23/03/2013 Unicorn Malvern Humdrum Express
20/12/2012 Slug and Lettuce Worcester Answer Back, someone else
19/12/2012 Olivers Wine Bar Malvern B Noyze Collective, Case Closed
29/11/2012 Drummonds Worcester Jet Black Cadillac, Jenny Hallam
04/10/2012 Crown, St Johns Worcester Open Mic
24/08/2012 Hand in Glove Worcester Smiley Mic (WMF2012)
18/08/2012 Mappfest Malvern  
03/08/2012 Unicorn Malvern Malvern Rocks, Sally Haines
29/07/2012 Nozstock Bromyard For BBC H&W
14/07/2012 Wedfest Bromyard Jasper and the Company of Others
14/06/2012 Marrs Bar Worcester Backwash and This is Our Youth
03/06/2012 Tap House Kidderminster Dale Von Minnaker Band + others
25/05/2012 Firefly Worcester Das Sexy Clap, Thyme Machine, God Save The King
04/05/2012 Tap House Kidderminster Citizen Fish
06/04/2012 Velvet Lounge Worcester Reinforced, Black Russian
24/02/2012 Tap House Kidderminster Humdrum Express and William Shatspeare
03/02/2012 Marrs Bar Worcester Cape of Good Hope, Jasper in the Company of Others
13/01/2012 Keystones Worcester N/A
04/11/2011 The Shed Leicester Different Fish
13/10/2011 Drummonds Worcester N/A
24/09/2011 Marrs Bar Worcester Das Sexy Clap, Robinson, East of the Sun
02/09/2011 Velvet Lounge Worcester Aeonian Dog, Tina V,others
20/08/2011 Worcester Arts Workshop Worcester Worcester Music Festival
16/07/2011 Bridge Bash Stamford Bridge Vault of Eagles, V2A etc
01/07/2011 The Shed Leicester Captain Horizon, others
26/05/2011 Velvet Lounge Worcester God Save The King, Diamonds
23/04/2011 Marrs Bar Worcester Dandelion Killers, Evilwitch
17/04/2011 Marrs Bar Worcester Stuntdog, Oohz, Mudball, Highway 5
26/11/2010 Red Man Kidderminster  
30/10/2010 Marrs Bar Worcester Jack's Hammer, Reinforced
20/10/2010 Keystones Worcester Spoonfedz
30/09/2010 Lamb Malvern  
26/09/2010 Royal Exchange Kidderminster Graham Parsnip Liquidiser Torture Think Tank Revival, BOTB
11/09/2010 Art House Café Worcester Ed Steelfox
05/09/2010 Royal Exchange Kidderminster BOTB
21/08/2010 Worcester Arts Workshop Worcester Worcester Music Festival
13/08/2010 Worcester Beer Festival Worcester Stuntdog, Tallulah Fix
31/07/2010 Bridge Bash Stamford Bridge  
09/06/2010 Home Nightclub Kidderminster Time of the Mouth
03/06/2010 Firefly Worcester Shapes, Fights and Fires
07/05/2010 Marrs Bar Worcester Humdrum Express, Forever for Now, Dr Mohito, Evilwitch
07/04/2010 Jailhouse Hereford Sound of Rum, Subside
02/04/2010 Pheasant Worcester KGB Slideshow, Mudball
08/01/2010 Worcester Arts Workshop Worcester Nomad 67, City Walls
29/12/2009 Marrs Bar Worcester Skewhiff, Cracked Actors
20/12/2009 Drummonds Worcester Humdrum Express, Spoonfedz, Dandelion Killers, Wes Dance
21/11/2009 Worcester Arts Workshop Worcester Mascot Fight, Babajack, Matt Woosey
16/11/2009 Horn and Trumpet Worcester Spoonfedz
02/10/2009 Firefly Worcester Stuntdog, Mudball
26/08/2009 Keystones Worcester Joe Patroni?
23/08/2009 Horn and Trumpet Worcester Nobheads
02/08/2009 Drummonds Worcester Dandelion Killers + others
23/07/2009 Asylum Birmingham  
10/07/2009 Base Studios Stourbridge Aceldama, We Wear White Shoes
17/05/2009 Rainbow under Railway Birmingham  
07/05/2009 Lamb Malvern Carol Lee Sampson, Funky Junky Monkeys
30/04/2009 Marrs Bar Worcester Zebedy Rays?
07/03/2009 Flapper Birmingham  
15/01/2009 Little Civic Wolverhampton BOTB
29/11/2008 The Star Upton  
10/10/2008 Hollybush Cradley Heath  
20/08/2008 Evolution Worcester Soul Syndicate, Terror Mob